The Beauty Biz Agency Salon and Spa Business Coaching


They understand that success is not only measured by profit margins, but it's also in the development of individuals and the whole team as well.

"Thank you for not only teaching me how to run a business, but it's also helping me in strength and determination to navigate my goal and my why. For any of you out there that don't know what to do, that feeling lost in running your business or don't even know where to start, then I highly recommend you having a task with one of these ladies and I'm sure that will be the best decision you ever made for your life and the most profitable investment for your business that you can do."



Brie and The Beauty Biz Agency are a game changer ever since. The moment I connected with Brie, I could sense her genuine commitment to the success and fulfillment of salon owners.

"What sets Brie apart is not just her experience in the beauty industry but her genuine care in the people that she mentors. In this late stage in my career, I had yearned for this kind of coaching and her approach goes beyond just business advice. It's about reigniting passion and enthusiasm and a community for the beauty business industry."


I came with very high expectations and knew that these girls would be able to deliver those expectations.

"It's a no BS program. You get really what they tell you that you're going to get which is leadership on how to run your numbers, how to properly dissect your business, understand what percentages of what you bring in should be allocated to different things like marketing, payroll, your utilities, your back bar service, your retail purchases and you will know exactly where you are spending money that you shouldn't be spending or that you're spending too much money. So these are some of the things that the Beauty Biz Agency has brought to light for me - Understanding where my money is going."



They've seriously been amazing.

"I just wanted to say that BBA has been really amazing! I just decided to convert my salon into a commission salon and I don't know how I would do it without these gals"


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